In September, Ms Helen Pereira-Raso was approached by Fashion Forward Club leaders, Caitlin Chee-Kirkpatrick in Grade 11 and Lindsay Stroz in Grade 10, after 20+ additional students requested to join the club. The club's allocated budget was not enough to support the supplies needed for the additional students. After the two students successfully presented a proposal requesting more funds be added to the Fashion Forward Club’s budget, Ms Helen Pereira-Raso granted funds from the Head's Discretionary Fund to cover these additional costs. 

On April 4, we held our student-led Haute Design event. The evening showcased exquisite fashion made by students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in our innovation labs. Fashion pieces created by students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 were on display, and models walked the runway to feature our Fashion Forward Club's designs.

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"I am extremely proud of all the individuals involved in this year's fashion show. Each person involved put so much hard work into their roles. It was a very rewarding process being part of these students' projects and see their hard work pay off. I hope everyone learned something new and will stay involved next year!" - Lindsay Stroz, Fashion Forward Club Leader, Grade 10

"Haute Design was the culmination of a busy, challenging, and exciting year leading the Fashion Forward Club at HTS. I learned a lot from everyone, had the opportunity to share my skills, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, even when things got hectic! The fashion show was spectacular!" - Caitlin Chee-Kirkpatrick, Fashion Forward Club Leader, Grade 11