“Because it’s an independent school, everything that they need to build or to improve depends on donors... It’s important that we look after not just our children but the community.”
- Shawn Seit, HTS Parent
HTS is a not-for-profit independent school and is a registered Canadian charity that complies with the regulations set forth by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This means that we devote all of our resources (funds, staff and our campus) to our primary purpose – delivering an outstanding educational program for our learners. Because we’re a not-for-profit organization, your investment in our school has a tremendous impact. Every cent of your contribution is invested in our incredible programs, people and spaces. This is the independent school difference.

The support we have received from generous parents, staff and alumni has enabled HTS to grow into the school it is today. Donations are a critical source of funding which allows us to provide an exceptional education and a state-of-the-art learning environment for all of our learners. 

Our volunteers are key to the sense of community at HTS.  Our parent volunteers model community building inside and out of our walls. The amount of time that our parents commit to support and grow our community is humbling. What we know for certain is that every gift of time and resource ensures that our learning community is innovative and inspiring for all learners.  

Through donor support, we have recently been able to accomplish:

Student Financial Aid
In the 2017-2018 school year, 17 students benefited from over $208,000 in financial aid. Funds designated to Student Financial Aid are directed to our endowment in support of scholarships, awards and bursaries for current and incoming students.

Annual Fund
In 2018, flexible mathematics classrooms and innovative breakout rooms were created and introduced to serve as spaces that foster and encourage both group collaboration and opportunities for students to guide their own learning independently. The Fashion Forward Club saw an unanticipated but welcomed growth in popularity which led to additional funds from the Head’s Discretionary Fund to be allocated to the Club. Evidence of the innovation and creativity of over 60 students was proudly showcased during the Haute Design Event at the beginning of April. The ability to foster innovation and creativity was made possible by donors like you.

Graduation Endowment Fund
The Graduation Endowment Fund was established in 2006 by parents of the graduating class. They created this fund so that the income from the fund would provide a bursary for a Senior School student who would otherwise not be able to attend our school. 

HTS is proud that the first beneficiary of this fund graduated from HTS in 2016. Every year the parents of the graduating class are asked to donate to this fund so that students can continue to be financially assisted to have the same incredible educational experience to which our children have been privy.


The cornerstone of our community is our families, and when we come together, we build upon the foundation of all those who are connected to this vibrant, social, inclusive, joyful school — our students, parents, alumni, staff and friends.

One of the best ways to get involved and support HTS is to volunteer. When you become an HTS volunteer you connect with other parents, gain a better understanding of the school and create lifelong friendships.

“It’s a great community in terms of volunteering. If you only have an hour, there’s always something you can do, and if you have more time, there are many opportunities. You can volunteer for one event; you could be on the Parents’ Guild.” - Tina Skliros, HTS Parent

Contact the Community Relations and Development department to get involved today.