“If we invest in our children, then we’re investing not only in their future but also in ours. It’s a win-win situation.”
- Tina Skliros, HTS Parent

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a visionary fund that helps the school achieve greatness in ways that are not covered by the cost of tuition. The funds are used to enhance facilities and implement new initiatives and programming which support intentional and meaningful experiences for all of our learners. The funds may also be directed to student financial aid. 

Each year, HTS families, alumni and staff come together to further our mission by making financial contributions to the Annual Fund. These gifts are beyond the cost of tuition and provide additional resources that allow HTS to be extraordinary. While tuition funds our mission, annual giving inspires our vision for tomorrow – the school we aspire to be. 

Your support for the Annual Fund can be directed to either of the following initiatives:

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  • 1. Head's Discretionary Fund

    Funds support the strategic vision of HTS. Chosen by the Head of School, these funds go toward areas in the school that require enhancements to match our innovative programming. This could include outfitting our classrooms with new equipment, providing funds for a new initiative or directed to our new spaces. The Head’s Discretionary Fund provides the option to elevate learning experiences for our students throughout the year.
  • 2. Student Financial Aid

    HTS provides an outstanding academic environment, establishes a foundation of values, a sense of community and instils purpose in our students. We believe that the purpose of education is to prepare students for life and that every child should be given a chance to experience HTS, irrespective of the household financial ability. For this reason, donors to the Annual Fund can designate their gift to Student Financial Aid.


The HTS endowment provides student financial aid in the form of scholarships, bursaries and awards to deserving students. Endowment is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as your gift is protected and only the investment income is spent.

As a result of the investment income generated by our endowment, four worthy students receive a full scholarship to HTS every year. In addition, a number of smaller scholarships, bursaries and awards are given to HTS students on an annual basis.

Our endowment includes the following scholarships, bursaries and awards:

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  • 1. George Rutherford Scholarship Fund

    The George Rutherford Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 to honour the retirement of George Rutherford, Head of School from 1992-2010. The income from the fund provides a $5,000 scholarship to a Grade 11 student who demonstrates a commitment to academics, respects others and enthusiastically participates in the life of the school.
  • 2. HTS Scholarship Fund

    Every year since 1981, the Board of Governors has set aside funds with an aim of building an endowment to provide financial aid to students. The fund was established to accumulate capital until such time that it could support the funding of one or more scholarships.
  • 3. Edwin Alexander Terbrugge Bursary

    This bursary was established by the Terbrugge family in 1990 to honour the memory of Edwin Alexander Terbrugge. Edwin died in a car accident when he was a Grade 5 student at HTS. The fund provides a scholarship to a Grade 7 student.
  • 4. Governors' Fund

    In 2006, the Governors' Fund was established to generate sufficient income for financial aid. Since 2008, 65% of HTS' annual operating surplus has been allocated to the Governors' Fund. Any excess funds from annual bursary expenditures are also allocated here.
  • 5. Merritt & Margaret Harding Endowment Fund

    In 1996, the Merritt & Margaret Harding Endowment Fund was established to provide income to fund a bursary for a deserving Senior School student "whose character and achievements at the school exemplify Holy Trinity School's mission statement."
  • 6. Timothy Pryce & Friends Memorial Fund

    The Timothy Pryce & Friends Memorial Fund was established in the memory of Timothy Pryce and 12 friends who died in a tragic canoeing accident. Its objective was to pay for the tuition of students who would not otherwise be able to attend St. John's School of Ontario. In 2000, when St. John's School of Ontario ceased to exist, the Directors transferred approximately $200,000 to HTS. The income from the fund is used to award one or more scholarships to students in Middle School and/or Senior School.
  • 7. Proficiency Award

    Awarded to the student in each grade, from Grades 7 to 11, with the highest academic standing based on their overall average.
  • 8. Trinitarian Award

    The Trinitarian Award is designed to encourage students to soar to their fullest potential and engage in their own personal growth. The award has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. A student must complete all of the requirements of a particular level in order to proceed to the next level. At the core of this award are HTS’ founding values of respect, integrity and confidence. Students develop competencies in Experiential Learning which includes various experiences in physical recreation, arts, service, global education and leadership. Through this process, students not only become well-developed citizens, but they develop as reflective leaders that are guided by their values.

Graduation Endowment Fund

The Graduation Endowment Fund was established by the parents of the Class of 2006. Since then, the fund has grown steadily each year as parents of the graduating class contributed in honour of their children's graduation. The Graduation Endowment Fund provides financial aid to deserving students who could not afford an education at HTS. This fund ensures that another student receives the same incredible educational experience that our graduates have.

Planned Giving

The HTS Planned Giving program offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. When you remember Holy Trinity School with a bequest in your will, you are ensuring that many more generations of students are able to benefit from an HTS education.

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  • General Information

    Legal Name: Holy Trinity School (Co-Educational) Richmond Hill
    Charitable Registration No.: 122397417RR0001

    Mailing Address:
    Holy Trinity School
    11300 Bayview Avenue
    Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1L4

    Phone: 905-737-1114
    Fax: 905-737-5187

    For more information, please contact:

    Maria Locacciato
    Executive Director of Community Relations and Development
    905-737-1114 ext. 271

    *Always speak with a Certified Financial Planner and/or lawyer before making a planned gift.
  • Sample Bequest Wording

    Specific Bequest (Discretionary)
    "To give Holy Trinity School (Co-Educational) Richmond Hill the sum of $[_____] for such use and purpose as the Board of Governors may determine in their absolute discretion."

    Bequest of Residue (Discretionary)
    "To give or transfer the residue of my estate to Holy Trinity School (Co-Educational) Richmond Hill for such use and purpose as the Board of Governors may determine in their absolute discretion."

Contact Us For More Information

Maria Locacciato
Executive Director of Community Relations and Development
905-737-1114 ext. 271

Anthony Tomizza 
Director of Community Relations
905-737-1114 ext. 260

Fernanda Priolo
Development Coordinator 
905-737-1114 ext. 275

Gifts are 100% tax deductible

  • Cash Gift – cash, cheque, VISA or MasterCard
  • Gift-in-Kind - non-cash gift of securities, property, etc.
  • Planned Gift – leave a bequest in your will
An official receipt for income tax purposes will be issued for your gift of $20 or more.

Charitable Registration No.: 122397417RR0001
Legal Name: Holy Trinity School (Co-Educational) Richmond Hill

Your gift will be recognized in the Annual Review publication.

All individuals and organizations whose cumulative contributions to HTS have exceeded $10,000 are also recognized on the cumulative donor wall.