Service is a cornerstone of the HTS experience. Students grow awareness of personal and social responsibility, and energetically embrace opportunities to give service. These experiences help develop our students as global citizens who are competent, aware and willing to make an impact.

The Connections Program was launched in 2019 with the purpose to have our students and staff engage with our Connections partners by learning, sharing and serving with our community partners (local and national) throughout the year. One of the ways we give back to these partners is through our sharing days throughout the school year.

At the beginning of the school year, students and staff were asked to make a sharing day donation online that would be divided up between our partners. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised over $31,000 for 22 Connections partners who are, in fact, making the world a better place.

For November, students were given the opportunity to propose a Canadian charity that they wanted the school to support. Interested students submitted a sharing day application where they made connections to our HTS values and six competencies. Congratulations to Scarlett, Grade 8 student, Stefan, Grade 11 student, and Daniel, Simon and Serje, Grade 12 students, whose charities of choice we will be supporting this month. Learn more about their selected charities:

Scarlett — SickKids

“SickKids is a hospital that helps kids who have cancer or are sick. I have been to SickKids many times and it’s just a wonderful place for kids who are sick or hurt. They make it a safe place for everyone and do their very best to help everyone.”

Of our four core values — respect, integrity, courage and empathy — which one is the most important for your charity organization and why?

“Courage and empathy for my charity are most important because children who are sick or have cancer have a lot of courage and bravery. No child deserves to go through this and by giving back to them and helping them with their treatments, we are showing empathy towards them.”

Stefan — Anishnawbe Health Foundation

“The Anishnawbe Health Foundation focuses on healthy Indigenous Peoples contributing to sustainable urban communities. Their mission:

  • To inspire philanthropy to support an environment where the urban Indigenous community can heal spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally by enhancing capital and program funding for Anishnawbe Health Toronto
  • Foster the reclamation, preservation, research and application of traditional healing methods, including the sharing of these with all people.”

Of our six core competencies — communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, character and citizenship — which one is the most important for your charity/organization?

“Collaboration is the most important for this charitable organization, as that is one of their values as well. They believe that collaboration and teamwork are essential to the well-being of everyone, and everybody cannot recognize their path alone.”

Daniel, Simon and Serje — Movember 

“Movember is a charity that raises funds for men’s mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. It also raises awareness about what it means to be a man, that it’s not about “manning up” or suffering in silence. It motivates men to speak about their emotions and problems. This movement is often supported by growing a mustache, getting active, hosting an event or any other way.”

Of our six core competencies — communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, character and citizenship — which one is the most important for your charity/organization?

“Of our six core competencies, character is the most important for Movember. Men’s health is often pushed aside and disregarded by men who could be affected the most. It takes character and the willingness to make yourself vulnerable in order to pay attention to these issues. The character of Mo Bros worldwide is the driving force behind raising awareness for men’s health.”