Welcome From the Head of School

Why are we the best choice for families who are looking for a school that reaches farther to deliver more?
It is actually very simple.
While it is true that academics are what all schools deliver, at Holy Trinity School we don’t stop there. We’re unique because of the robust community and innovative approach to learning we provide for each student.
But we do start with academics.
Leading edge approaches to learning, stimulating classroom environments and a progressive multi-dimensional school life means our students experience learning opportunities not found anywhere else. From a sound academic foundation, we nurture a community of belonging that supports self-expression and fulfilment. Music, drama, art and athletics help develop well-rounded citizens and future leaders. All of this is supported by a strong and unwavering commitment to character-building that helps ensure our students and graduates are well prepared for success as future leaders in our community and around the world.

What truly sets HTS apart is our commitment to knowing our students and their families; this devotion fosters a sense of belonging that strengthens our community. We are committed to discovering and understanding our students’ strengths, interests and ways of learning inside and outside of the classroom. For this reason, we are better able to thoughtfully connect our students to the learning opportunities best suited to challenge and inspire them, develop their character and stretch their abilities.

I invite you to visit our school and meet the students and faculty who fill our community with a joy for learning every day. I am confident it will be a visit that you won’t forget.

Helen Pereira-Raso
Head of School

HTS is more than a school, we are a community.