Dear HTS Community,

We have designed a plan that errs on the side of safety as we reopen. In the design of our plan, we have taken significant steps to reduce the risk of transmission across the school, as we have implemented the recommendations suggested by health and education officials. We will continually assess our program and our protocols throughout the year, in light of any updates from the Ministry of Education and public health officials. HTS has created a plan that offers the greatest flexibility for families, as these times are stressful and the uncertainty can be challenging to navigate. Additionally, we have made significant investments in personnel, infrastructure, programs and resources to ensure that our students continue to be safe and fully supported as members of this wonderful community.

The journey ahead brings everyone some normalcy in the midst of this pandemic, while also acknowledging the anxiety and fears we are all experiencing given that so much is still unknown. We have also made the decision to take a staggered approach to introduce programs and extracurricular activities, throughout the year when it is safest to do so. HTS is committed to:
  • An exceptional full-day learning program five days a week
  • Students having support for their academic, social-emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Students being in community with their friends and teachers, and having meaningful interactions and experiences every day both in person and/or virtually.
The journey to reopen our school began in May. Since then, we have worked tirelessly and made a significant financial commitment to secure all that is necessary to allow us to open confidently. Unfortunately, a perfect solution to the challenges presented to everyone worldwide as they return to work or school does not exist. A safe return requires trust and collaboration by members of our community; we must all do our part to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Together, we will continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in reopening our school. 

Our collective commitment to safety, well-being, joy, and kindness will continue to be the gifts that bring us together.  

With gratitude,

Helen Pereira-Raso
Head of School

SCHOOL HOURS 2020-2021

Our school hours for the upcoming school year are 8:00am to 5:30pm. No students will be permitted on campus after 5:30pm in order for our custodial team to complete our evening cleaning and sanitization routines. 

Starting the last week of September, co-curriculars will end at 4:15pm and buses will leave by 4:30pm.